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Dec 10

Social Media Management With A Human Touch

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Social Media Management With A Human Touch


by Fernando Ketter

Social media (SM) can be an effective marketing tool for businesses who keep community aspects in mind. Customers like to feel that they are connecting with a real person, not a corporate entity. SM software help to manage multiple accounts, but it can’t participate in discussions or calm heated debates. Here are some tips for adding a personal touch to social media management.

Assign someone the role of your company’s online personality. One person should be responsible for controlling profiles, updating activities, and posting comments. The same face and voice should represent your business across every SM network. This will strengthen your presence and facilitate interactions while avoiding inconsistencies.

When joining a new network, take time to observe and learn. Each SM group has its own formal rules and informal etiquette. Follow discussions to discover the best way to approach your target audience. Find out how much self-promotion is acceptable. Note which actions provoke complaints and which result in praise.

Whenever anyone on an SM network asks a question or expresses a concern about a product or service you offer, reply in a timely manner. This is a great opportunity to show that your business is approachable. If you need to gather information before responding, post a brief message to that effect and follow it up as soon as possible.

Expand your SM marketing to smaller, niche sites. There are online communities for just about every interest, activity, and lifestyle. Join those made up of the target demographic your company caters to. If you can establish your presence as an active and helpful community member, you can earn respect and gain loyal customers.

Perhaps the most important skill for social media management is damage control. In the SM world, a little misunderstanding can rapidly spiral into a major issue as rumors spread across networks. Sensitively address any complaints about offensive comments or unfair practices as soon as they appear online.



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