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Apr 28

The Difference Between Life And Health Insurance

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For the well being of a family at all times, both life and health insurance are very useful cover. Both the covers are a protection of the family against various disasters or catastrophe which often strikes unexpectedly. While some take up just one, some might decide to have both.

A life cover is usually a form of contract signed between the insurer and the insured that a payment of the money insured will be made to the remaining family members should he or she die. Some of the covers cater for the funeral costs too because they might also be a burden.

The payout to the family is either made as a lump sum or in installments. It is a way to ensure that your family will be catered for after you are gone. This form of cover is not a vital one to have because you might as well leave your inheritance in form of savings in banks.

A health cover on the other side seeks to protect against medical expenses that are incurred unexpectedly when family members fall ill. The cover takes care of all their medical bills. There are different covers ranging from one that protects against specific illnesses to a comprehensive cover which is usually the best because any form of disease can strike at just anytime.

This cover is very important to have. In fact many employers and government agencies require that their employees pick one for them and their families. There have been previous occasions when a medical bill becomes too much. This leaves the family bankrupt or having to hold a fund raising which is sometimes embarrassing.

You are usually the one to decide which kind of cover to go for. Both life and health insurance is provided by the many insurers available. Be sure to visit them online so that you can get a quote of the cover you might be considering to take. Quotes are usually determined by the information you provide after filling in the necessary details.

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